Vote Yes for Escambia Schools.

Let’s Take the Politics Out of Education

Why Should We Appoint Our Superintendent?

If you have a child or a loved one going to school in Escambia County, there is one way you can immediately strengthen the school district for all of our children.

It’s time for our county to get with the times and join the rest of the nation. It’s time to make a change to the way our school district picks its leader.

The reason is shockingly simple: If you or a family member was sick and needed a doctor, would you like to have the option to pick any doctor you’d like, or be limited to only doctors who lived in your zip code?

Let’s Take the Politics Out of Education.

Today, our struggling school district is constrained to choosing a leader who must reside in Escambia County and win by political election.

That candidate, who is not required to have any experience in education, must then raise tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions, becoming beholden to wealthy contributors instead of focusing on our teachers and students.

With elections only every four years, that means we only have one chance every four years to make a change. Plus, the superintendent has to turn his or her attention to winning another election.

The winning candidate for Escambia County superintendent spent more than $227,000 in campaign contributions to win three elections.

It’s Time to Make a Change.

We know the state of politics today. Let’s keep our children out of the mess of politics and pick from a nationwide pool of the top academic leadership talent in the United States, not just our own county.

How can you do it? Vote Yes for an appointed superintendent – the next to last question on your general election ballot – on Nov. 6.

What if your favorite college football team could only hire a head coach that lived in school’s home county? Would that be logical? Or should they conduct a search for the best person for the job nationwide?

It just doesn’t make sense to limit our children’s access to the best. Our children deserve the best possible candidate to lead our school district.