Vote Yes for Escambia Schools.

Let’s Take the Politics Out of Education

Common Questions and Answers:

I’ll lose my say on who leads the county!

That’s a myth. In Escambia County, our school board is elected, and under the appointed superintendent format, it would be the elected school board empowered to lead the hiring process.

These school board members are expected to be extremely informed on unique issues facing our district – much more than the average citizen who votes in the elected format – and they are required to operate  “sunshine,” meaning the hiring process would be fully transparent. And if the school board appoints subpar superintendent, our community has the ability to replace its school board members through elections.

Wait, without an elected superintendent, will we have checks and balances in school district leadership?

Yes, in fact, there is significantly more accountability on the school district’s leader in the appointed format. The school board would not only hire the superintendent, but may dismiss the individual if performance is unsatisfactory. Presently, a sitting superintendent can be removed from office only by the governor of Florida.

Currently, our superintendent is not required to follow any school board policy. A appointed superintendent is required to carry out school board policy created by the people YOU elected as well hit certain metrics or the superintendent can be removed. That’s true accountability our county lacks today.

The superintendent’s position is less political as an appointee than in the elective system. The education chief is able to focus exclusively on the day-to-day tasks of managing the school district and working on strategic initiatives with the elected board.

If those strategic initiatives fail or are not in sync with the public, the board or superintendent often are held accountable.

So does that mean we are forced to hire someone who isn’t from our area?

Absolutely not. Anyone can apply for the position. It is very common for a local resident, or perhaps someone who was from a certain county to build a wealth of academic and educational experience, then return to their hometown to lead as an appointed superintendent.

If the best person to lead our children’s future already lives here, that’s great. All the better. But the appointed process ensures that the necessary experience is there, not just the ability to obtain campaign contributions.

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